For over 10 years Goma Tei Ramen has grown a name serving award-winning Tan Tan Ramen, a spicy sesame-seasoned ramen along with a menu of other dishes. This includes the restaurant’s Shoyu and Sunho Ramen, as well as other side and rice bowl dishes, such as Chicken Tatsutaage and Mapo Tofu.

Our recipes are developed with consideration given to the health and nutritional needs of our customers while focusing on providing a flavorful taste. The clear soup base is homemade and considered low sodium and low fat. The Tan Tan base uses a traditional stone grinder to make sesame sauce, which is high in unsaturated fat and is good for cardiovascular health.

In July 2018, Goma Tei Ramen released a new ramen and udon noodle made with a new recipe and machine. These new noodles incorporated a special flour shipped from Kagawa, Japan and specifically formulated for the restaurant to achieve a unique texture and smoothness. These noodles are made fresh in house, using the new machine and recipe, daily and available at all locations.

At Goma Tei Ramen, we believe that ramen has no boundaries. It is as diverse as the people who love it and the people who prepare each bowl. We continue to strive to be a ramen restaurant that customers keep coming back to.


Goma Tei Menu