Our Ingredients

We import most of our ingredients from Japan and source our fresh produce locally. Our goal is to serve the finest quality food for a family-friendly price. We prepare most of our items in house for better quality control.

Our home-made soup base is cooked for 24hrs with pork, chicken and vegetables. We extract essence from natural ingredients and artificial flavors are avoided.

Our most beloved char siu meat takes around 20hrs to prepare. We tenderize the pork belly and wrap them in rolls. We then cook it for at least 12-15hrs. Marinate 1 hour with shoyu and sake. Our char siu is pan fried on both sides before serving so it could be a little crispy on the outside and tender inside. Almost melt in the mouth!

Our Ingredients

Our Noodles

All ramen noodles and udon noodles at Goma Tei are freshly made in-house every day with our special noodle making machines.


Our Noodles

Our Favorites

Goma Tei primarily serves noodles, and is especially well-known for its superior tan tan ramen, which is a Japanese style spicy sesame-seasoned ramen. Goma Tei Ramen also serves other types of ramen, including shoyu and sunho ramen, as well as other Japanese and dishes, such as chicken tatsutaage and curry. Our recipes are developed with considerations given to the health and nutritional needs of our customers together with flavorful taste. For example, our clear soup broth is homemade and considered low sodium and low fat; the tan-tan base uses the homemade sesame sauce which is high in unsaturated fat and is good for cardiovascular health. We also have recipes designed for vegetarians.

We believe that ramen has no boundaries

It is as diverse as the people who love them and the people who prepare them. We will continue to strive to be a ramen restaurant that customers keep coming back to.